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CSC logoI2MS was designed for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). The AFOSI is the Air Force's major investigative service, focusing mainly on criminal investigations and counterintelligence services for commanders within the Air Force.  Investigators conduct different activities (interviews, searches, polygraph examinations, etc.) in the course of an investigation.  For years, the details of these activities were written and typed by hand and filed away.  Needless to say, searching existing documents for information was tedious. 

AFOSI logo In the past, electronic databases had been developed to help investigators, but these were information-gathering tools only, and added overhead to the investigative process without a great deal of benefit.  They did summarize data and provide valuable statistics that previously had been calculated by hand, but this benefited the OSI's supervisors more than it did the individual investigators.     ...More...

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